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ELVIA Household insurance

Combined household insurance

Household contents and liability in one: our combined household insurance keeps everything in good order at your home.
ELVIA Liability insurance

Liability insurance

Get started – and stay completely relaxed. If you accidentally do harm or damage to others, our personal liability cover will help.
ELVIA Household contents insurance

Household contents insurance

Our household contents insurance covers your belongings against everything from burglary to flooding, and it’s also easy on your wallet.
ELVIA Cyber insurance

Cyber insurance

Be it data theft, abuse or loss, we protect you and your loved ones against the consequences of cyber crime.
Who is liable for damage caused by your pet? And is liability cover mandatory for your dog? We provide the answers.
Which types of theft are there? And which insurance policy will pay? Find out with our four tips on theft insurance.
Find out from our five tips which type of e-bikes are available and how to best insure yours.
Guide: Drones
This topic is becoming more and more popular! We know a lot about drone insurance and how to best protect your aircraft.
ELVIA Insurance for third-party drivers
Do you occasionally drive somebody else’s car? We explain what you should bear in mind if you do.
With a personal liability and a household insurance, your e-scooter is well insured.
ELVIA Underinsurance
What is underinsurance and how can you calculate the correct sum insured for your household contents? We will help you.
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