ELVIA Products



Car insurance

With our car insurance, you get peace of mind at an affordable price. Whatever happens, we will help you quickly so that you are back on the road in no time.

Combined household insurance

Household contents and liability in one: our combined household insurance keeps everything in good order at your home.

Motorcycle insurance

With our motorcycle insurance, you get peace of mind at an affordable price. And if something does happen, we’ll be there for you – without any red tape.

Electric car insurance

ELVIA: affordable insurance for your electric car! Optional add-ons: first-party losses in liability and parked-vehicle damage in partially comprehensive cover.

Travel insurance

Holidays are the nicest time of year. Our travel insurance enables you to say goodbye to your worries and simply enjoy your trip.

Caravan insurance

Our caravan insurance can be adapted meet your needs. Easily and conveniently.

Traffic legal protection

Whether you're travelling by bike, car or on foot, when accidents become legal cases, things get expensive. Traffic legal protection cover for every scenario.

Personal legal protection
Legal conflicts are usually unexpected. Our personal legal protection insurance stands up for your rights.

Household contents insurance

Our household contents insurance covers your belongings against everything from burglary to flooding, and it’s also easy on your wallet.

Liability insurance

Get started – and stay completely relaxed. If you accidentally do harm or damage to others, our personal liability cover will help.

Online buildings insurance
Although our online buildings insurance cannot replace your destroyed belongings, it does cover the financial consequences.

Cyber insurance

Be it data theft, abuse or loss, we protect you and your loved ones against the consequences of cyber crime.

Favourite item insurance
Have your valuables insured with our objects insurance.

Health insurance

Together with the online health insurance Sanitas, we offer basic, hospital and other supplementary insurance for your health.
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