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Online health insurance from Sanitas

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Health is our greatest asset. That’s why we offer basic, hospital and other supplementary insurance plans in cooperation with Sanitas health insurance.

With over 800 000 customers, Sanitas is one of the leading health insurers in Switzerland – and was awarded top marks in the customer satisfaction survey 2020.

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Basic insurance covers standard benefits for illness, accident and maternity. You can choose whether you want a traditional basic insurance plan or if you prefer to benefit from discounts with one of the alternative insurance models. For example, if you forego the free choice of doctor and instead choose a telemedicine or network model, you can save on your monthly premiums.

Supplementary insurance plans offer benefits not covered under basic insurance. 

If you’d like higher cost coverage for glasses/contact lenses or dental treatment, cover for alternative medical treatments or money back on your gym membership, you may be interested in taking out supplementary insurance.

  • Alternative medicine, Massages
  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Gym membership, stop smoking treatment, check-ups
  • Emergency outpatient treatment abroad
  • Gym membership, check-ups
  • Glasses or contact lenses
  • Emergency outpatient treatment abroad
  • Transport and rescue costs
  • Alternative medicine, gym membership, check-ups
  • Maternity, gynaecological examinations
  • Glasses and dental braces
  • Loyalty bonus for children and premiums waived from third child

Do you value your privacy? Want to decide where you’re treated? And would like rapid access to specialists and a personal advisor who’s always on hand with advice?

Basic insurance covers the cost of hospitalisation in the general ward in a multi-bed room. However, if you’d like additional services and even better coverage abroad, it’s worth taking out semiprivate or private supplementary hospital insurance.

  • Free choice of hospitals in Switzerland
  • Full cost coverage in case of emergencies abroad
  • Multi-bed room; upgrade to semiprivate or private ward possible
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals in Switzerland
  • Full cost coverage for emergencies abroad
  • Hospitalisation in the semiprivate ward in a 2-bed room
  • Faster access to specialists
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals worldwide
  • Full cost coverage for planned treatment and emergencies abroad
  • Hospitalisation in the private ward in a single room
  • Treatment by chief or senior consultant
  • Faster access to specialists
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