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How online insurers differ from classic insurers

Want to take out insurance from the comfort of your sofa and save money in the process? You can with online insurance. We reveal the special features of online insurers and how they differ from classic insurers.
As the name suggests, online insurance can be concluded conveniently at the click of a mouse. Unlike classic insurers, online insurers do not have branches or advisors who come to your home – advice is given exclusively by telephone or via digital media such as e-mail or chat. Since this saves sales force and agency costs, online insurers can often offer their customers more attractive premiums than classic insurers.
Online insurers usually offer less complex products than classic insurers. Typically, car and motorcycle insurance, household contents and personal liability insurance  and legal protection insurance can be taken out online. Products requiring a lot of advice, such as life insurance, usually cannot be concluded online.
Online insurance is suitable for everyone who likes to take care of their own insurance cover. A requirement for this is that you have already looked into the topic, however. Should your personal liability insurance include the supplement for third-party drivers? Do you need fully comprehensive cover for your car or is partially comprehensive cover sufficient? If these terms mean little to you, then the first thing you need to do is find out as much as you can and make sure you are well informed. Alternatively, it may be better to speak to a classic insurance advisor.
Since it is very easy to take out online insurance policies yourself, all relevant information should be available on the insurance company’s website. Furthermore, reputable online insurers always offer personal consultations as well. You will soon notice on the telephone whether the advisor is really taking time for your concerns and needs or simply wants to sell you the most expensive product.
  • Online insurers do not have classic advisors who visit you at home
  • Online insurance is usually cheaper than classic insurance
  • Online insurance is suitable for people who are already familiar with the products or who are willing to find out about them themselves
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