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With our insurance for caravans and motor homes, you get peace of mind at an affordable price. Whatever happens, we will assist you quickly and without any red tape. That way, you will soon be out discovering the world again.

A motor home or camper van is a vehicle that has a motor of its own. For motor homes and camper vans, you need valid third-party liability insurance. You can also take out comprehensive insurance to cover damage to your motor home or camper van.

A caravan, on the other hand, is a kind of trailer. You do not need separate third-party liability insurance for a caravan. The third-party liability cover of the towing vehicle applies here. However, comprehensive insurance that covers damage to your caravan itself is usually worth having.

With our caravan or motor home insurance, you can also insure accessories such as bike racks or awnings.
Everything you get with our insurance for caravans and motor homes:

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Pays for loss/damage that I cause to others with my motor home 

For vehicles over seven years old and inexpensive vehicles

Pays for loss/damage to my caravan or motor home that was not caused by me

For vehicles aged between five and seven years old

Pays for loss/damage to my caravan or motor home that I caused myself

For new and expensive vehicles

Third-party losses (losses/damage incurred by third parties)
Damage caused by animals
Natural hazard damage and fire
Vandalism and theft
Marten and rodent damage – coverage including consequential losses
Glass damage
Cover for damage to your own vehicle for which you are at fault
Supplement your motor home insurance with the following modules:

If you or the occupants of your motor home are injured in an accident, we will step in. And ensure that there is no financial loss as well. Our insurance covers medical costs, including on a private ward, and in addition to other personal insurance policies.

This optional add-on to third-party liability insurance covers damage that you cause with your motor home to your own property. For example, if you graze your car with your camper van or accidentally reverse into your letterbox.

Had a breakdown or accident on the road? No problem. With this additional cover, we support you in emergencies. Around the clock, including in the border regions of Switzerland’s neighbouring countries. The following indemnity/services are insured as standard:

  • Towing and recovery of your motor home or caravan
  • Assumption of costs for overnight stay and journey home
  • Delivery of required replacement parts for your camper van

Want even more support? That’s what our “Assistance Top” is for:

  • Free rental or replacement motor home when yours is being repaired (including additional costs for child seats or navigation devices)
  • Interpreter service if you’re having communication difficulties abroad
  • Home travel for your cat or dog also insured

Find out more in our guide to breakdown assistance.

As long as you don’t make more than one claim per year, the bonus level of your motor home insurance will remain the same. Find out exactly how this works in our guide to no-claim bonus protection
 (in german). 

With our traffic legal protection cover, you can enjoy even more peace of mind when you’re out and about – not only with your motor home, but also if you’re travelling by bike, e-bike, train or on foot. Experienced legal experts will assist you in the event of a legal dispute and are on hand to answer any legal questions you may have. Find out more on our legal protection page.

This optional add-on to comprehensive insurance covers damage caused to your parked motor home by unknown persons. Find out more in our guide to parked-vehicle damage.

If something is stolen from your vehicle, we will pay for the loss. This also applies if property carried in the vehicle is damaged in an accident.

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The easiest way to calculate the cost of insuring your motor home is to use our online form here.
In addition to motor home insurance and taxes, there are also other costs. Here is some more information about the costs of maintaining a motor home (german).
If you lend your private motor home to friends free of charge, your motor home insurance will also cover loss/damage caused by your acquaintance. Loss of the no-claims bonus and deductible are insured under the other person’s third-party driver policy, if he/she has one. If you hire out the motor home for money, then private insurance is no longer sufficient. You will need a commercial insurance policy instead. We would be happy to advise you on this.
In principle, you do not need insurance for your caravan because third-party liability is covered via the towing vehicle. However, in most cases it is worth having comprehensive insurance. This covers damage to your caravan. Partially comprehensive cover is highly recommended, especially if the caravan is standing unused for an extended period of time. This caravan insurance covers damage caused by martens, for example. You can also use it to insure property carried in your caravan – against theft, for instance.
No. Since your static caravan is not mobile, you do not need third-party liability cover for it.
Whether it’s for feedback, advice or support, you will find our contact information here.
Want to know the exact details? All our documents are available here for you to download, save and read at your leisure.
A loss can happen in the blink of an eye. Thanks to our 24/7 claims service, you can report it quickly, too.
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