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ELVIA comprehensive insurance policies cover damage to your own car. While it is not compulsory to take out comprehensive insurance, it is highly recommended to do so in the vast majority of cases. Hail, paint or marten damage? Sadly, such unfortunate situations are common. And what if your car is stolen?

At ELVIA, you can choose between partially and fully comprehensive insurance. Partially comprehensive insurance covers the following types of damage/loss:

  • Theft: the insurance also covers damage caused by attempted theft
  • Fire and natural hazard events: for example, damage as a result of high water, rockfall, flooding, hail, storm and snow pressure
  • Glass breakage: deductible of CHF 200.– for replacement of panes
  • Collisions with animals
  • Severing of cables by martens
  • Damage caused by vandalism: the insurance covers, for example, wilful or malicious breaking off of antennae and wing mirrors and slashing of tyres

Fully comprehensive insurance covers the events listed as well as damage resulting from collisions or other events. Damage to the parked vehicle can also be insured as an option. Fully comprehensive insurance is particularly recommended if you would like to insure a new, highly valuable or leased car.

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In the event of partial damage to the car, ELVIA generally covers the repair costs. If the car is a total write-off, a replacement value supplement is also paid. Precise details of the amount of compensation can be found in the General Terms and Conditions of Comprehensive Insurance.
  • No-claims bonus protection
    Your premium will remain the same after up to one claim per year. This applies to all premium levels.
  • Our partner garages: 10 % premium discount and collection and delivery service
    If you opt to have the repairs done by one of our Allianz partners, you will receive a 10 % discount on the premium. We also offer a collection and delivery service: we will collect your damaged car, place a replacement vehicle at your disposal and deliver your repaired car back to you.
  • Premium advantages for drivers aged 25 and over
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