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ELVIA home contents insurance covers the financial consequences of everything from burglary to lightning strike or flooding. Of course this also applies if you fall victim to theft away from your home.

  • Your belongings of daily use are insured at their replacement value
  • Modular system: choose what kind of protection your property requires
  • 24-hour Claims Service
  • Barring service and emergency assistance included
  • Cover packages for additional security while shopping and peace of mind at home
One contract, one bill: home contents and private liability in one. With our combined household insurance.
ELVIA household contents insurance replaces everything you hold dear in the event of fire or water damage, theft or glass breakage, thus saving you money if something happens.
  • Emergency assistance: initial assistance from experts around the clock and free of charge
  • Deductible: Different deductibles are possible
  • Replacement value: the costs of replacing your items of daily use are covered in full
  • Luggage insurance for on the go: protection against damage or loss on excursions, journeys and vacations – including late delivery of luggage
  • For all household members: be they friends or family, household contents insurance applies to everyone who lives in the same household
ELVIA Hausratversicherung
ELVIA Hausratversicherung Unterversicherung

From furniture, clothes and sports equipment to instruments and consumer electronics – the value of a household is often significantly higher than you think.

You should check your inventory on a regular basis. That way you can be certain that the sum insured matches the current replacement value of your household contents and thus prevent potential underinsurance.


Breakdown assistance for your home – in case something goes wrong

The breakdown service for your home: we will help you if your heating, air conditioning or ventilation systems are faulty and take care of locksmiths, replacement devices and specialists to guard your property.

Our services

  • 24-hour service: we provide rapid assistance around the clock
  • Specialist service: we organise and pay tradesmen and security staff up to CHF 1000.–
  • Comprehensive service: we organise childcare, find a place for your pet and arrange for insect nests to be removed

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Worry-free shopping – in stores and online

Enjoy peace of mind while shopping. Whether you buy something in a shop or online, there is always a risk that the purchases will be damaged on the way to your home. ELVIA purchase cover compensates you for broken new purchases and protects you against financial losses if someone uses your credit card in a fraudulent manner online.

Our services

  • Transport protection: this applies both during the transportation of your purchases and for the first 24 hours at home, for instance during the assembly of a new TV
  • Online security: compensation for credit card fraud during online purchases
  • Save money on expensive transport insurance policies from online stores; with our purchase cover, you are insured for up to CHF 5000.

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E-bikes that can travel at speeds of up to 25 km/h are automatically covered by the household contents insurance. However, please make sure that your sum insured is high enough. It is also worth checking the sum insured for theft outside the home – in case your e-bike is stolen at the train station, for example.

We cannot insure e-bikes that travel at speeds of over 25 km/h.

We do not offer buildings insurance. However, you can insure your personal liability and your household contents with us.
  1. Enter your details
    To calculate your premium, we need some information about you and the thing you wish to insure.

  2. Select the cover you want
    Choose the precise type of insurance that is right for you, and customise your policy according to your individual needs by selecting the appropriate types of supplementary cover. 

  3. Take out a policy or request a quote
    Take out your policy conveniently online, or arrange for a quote to be sent to you if you still need some time to think.
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Combined household insurance

Household contents and liability in one: our combined household insurance keeps everything in good order at your home.

Travel insurance

Holidays are the nicest time of year. Our travel insurance enables you to say goodbye to your worries and simply enjoy your trip.
What is underinsurance and how can you calculate the correct sum insured for your household contents? We will help you.