Furniture, clothes, mobile phones, jewellery – the value of your household contents is often higher than you think. Avoid underinsurance by choosing the right sum insured when you take out your household contents policy and adjusting your insurance on a regular basis.

The sum insured is the replacement value of your entire household contents – in other words, the price you would pay if you had to buy new versions of all your possessions. If your chosen sum insured is lower than the effective value of your household contents, this is called underinsurance. In this situation, you would receive less in the event of a claim than the amount you need to replace your household contents.

You took out a household contents policy five years ago. At the time, the value of your household contents was CHF 60,000. Your household contents have grown in the meantime and are now worth CHF 100,000. If you do not adjust your insurance policy, only 60 % of your household contents will be covered. As a result, only 60 % of the actual loss will be paid out in the event of a claim. You should therefore check on a regular basis whether your sum insured still corresponds to the value of your household contents.
Underinsurance: sample calculation
Loss: 100,000.– (100 %)
Payout: 60,000.– (60 %)
Loss: 30,000.– (100 %)
Payout: 18,000.– (60 %)
  • When you take out your policy, make sure that you declare the correct value for your household contents. Our practical sum insured calculator will help you to work out the correct figure.
  • You should also factor a reserve of 10 % into the sum insured for future acquisitions.
  • Check regularly whether the sum insured still corresponds to the replacement value of your household contents.
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