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Whether it's by bike, car, boat, plane or on foot, with our traffic legal protection insurance, you can enjoy peace of mind when travelling or out and about. And if an accident turns into a legal case, our legal professionals are here to help.

  • No deductible and no minimum amount in dispute
  • Unlimited legal information over the phone
  • Clerical fees insured up to CHF 6,000 per case
  • No reduction for gross negligence
Our traffic legal protection insurance supports you in all legal matters related to public and private transport. In the event of a legal dispute, we cover costs of up to CHF 750,000 in Europe and CHF 150,000 elsewhere in the world. And because good advice does not have to be expensive, our experienced lawyers are available to provide as much legal advice as you need to feel truly confident. 
ELVIA Verkehrsrechtsschutz
ELVIA Dokumente

Accidents can quickly have legal implications. Our traffic legal protection insurance supports you in the following cases, for example: 

  • Accident: you are involved in a traffic accident, and the other party claims you were at fault.
  • Repairs: the mechanic charges you far more than quoted for repairing your e-bike.
  • Insurance: your insurance company refuses to pay for damage to your boat.
  • Purchase: after you buy a used car, the seller ignores your complaints.
  • Criminal proceedings: you receive an unjustified fine and are disqualified from driving.
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In principle, yes. We do not insure cases that have already occurred. Under our traffic legal protection cover, however, we support you with legal information over the phone, explain the general legal situation to you and the next steps and recommend a specialist lawyer to you if required.
Yes, our traffic legal protection cover also protects you if you are involved in an accident or criminal proceedings as a pedestrian, or if you are travelling by bike, e-bike, public transport, rented vehicle, boat or plane. Our traffic legal protection insurance also helps you if your accident insurer does not want to pay.
Clerical fees are administrative fees issued by authorities for penalty orders or fines. In insured cases, our traffic legal protection insurance covers costs and fees in connection with penalty orders, fines and administrative measures of the traffic licensing authority up to a maximum of CHF 6,000 per claim.
No, for legal reasons we are not allowed to pay fines. 
You can take out either a single-person policy only for yourself or a multi-person policy. In the latter case, the traffic legal protection cover is valid for everyone living in the same household as you. 
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