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With our electric car insurance, you can be climate-friendly and enjoy peace of mind on the roads at the same time.

Our comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle, the battery and the charging point – and it will also pay the costs if your vehicle is hacked. And if the battery doesn't last as long as expected, our breakdown assistance service is on hand to provide you with rapid, straightforward help.

  • Battery and charging point covered under comprehensive insurance
  • Modular insurance coverage to meet every need
  • All-round service in the event of a claim
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Our electric car insurance is modular, so you get to choose exactly the cover that fits your needs:
Third-party liability insurance is also compulsory for electric vehicles in Switzerland. It steps in when you cause injury or damage to others with your electric vehicle, such as if you fail to notice a cyclist while turning or run into the back of another vehicle in a traffic jam.
Great for you:
  • Property of family members covered
    Accidentally run over your son's bike while parking? Our third-party liability insurance pays if you damage family members' property with your electric vehicle. And with our additional first-party loss option, our liability coverage even pays for damage to your own property.
  • Flexible deductible
    Premium too high? With our third-party liability insurance for electric cars, you determine yourself how high your deductible will be in the event of a claim – and can thus reduce your premium.
  • Passive legal protection
    Are you the victim of an unjustified claim? If someone wrongly claims that you were at fault for a loss event, we will defend you. For even more legal support, there's our traffic legal protection cover.
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Our comprehensive insurance covers damage to your electric vehicle, the battery and the charging point. Partially comprehensive cover pays for damage that you did not cause yourself, such as theft, hail, fire or marten damage – and it even covers you against hacking. Collision/fully comprehensive insurance covers damage to your electric car for which you are responsible. 

Want to know more? You can find more information on partially comprehensive and collision coverage in our guide.

Great for you:
  • Battery and charging point covered
    Our comprehensive insurance policies protect not only your vehicle, but also the battery and the charging point. We cover damage caused by external influences, such as a short circuit, a fire or a marten bite.
  • Cover in the event of hacker attacks
    Our partially comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by hacking – for example, if someone gains unauthorised access to your electric vehicle and steals it.
  • Peace of mind in the event of a claim
    Our claims service is there for you around the clock. And thanks to our partner garages, in the event of a claim you benefit from a free collection and delivery service, a rental car costing up to CHF 500 and a lifetime guarantee on repair work. By the way, our partners are professionals with extensive experience of working with electric cars.
Supplement your electric car insurance with the following modules:

We assist quickly and without any red tape in the event of breakdowns and other emergencies with your electric car. And we do so around the clock, including in Switzerland's neighbouring countries.

  • Recovery and towing of your electric vehicle.
  • Costs of your overnight stay and return journey are covered.
  • Delivery of required replacement parts.

And if you want even more support, there is also Assistance Top. Among other things, this offers the following cover:

  • Costs of a rental or replacement car while your electric vehicle is being repaired (including additional costs for a navigation device or child seats).
  • Interpreter service if you're having communication difficulties abroad.
  • Home travel for your cat or dog.


Find out more in our guide to the topic of assistance.

This optional add-on to third-party liability insurance covers damage that you cause with your electric car to your own property. For example, if you graze your e-bike with your electric vehicle or accidentally reverse into your letterbox.

This optional add-on to comprehensive insurance covers damage caused to your parked electric car by unknown persons. Find out more in our guide to parked-vehicle damage.

With our traffic legal protection cover, you can enjoy even more peace of mind when you're out and about – not only with your electric car, but also if you're travelling by bike, e-bike, train or on foot. Experienced legal experts will assist you in the event of a legal dispute and are on hand to answer any legal questions you may have. Find out more on our legal protection page.

The cost of electric car insurance depends on various factors. The easiest way to calculate the cost of insuring your electric car is to do so directly online with our premium calculator – it's cheap and there are no hidden costs. 
Your third-party liability insurance will pay for the damage to the property of third parties and to the underground car park. Fire damage to your electric car is only covered if you have taken out partially comprehensive insurance.
The insurance covers damage to the charging point and the charging cable, for example due to theft, fire or natural hazards such as lightning and hail. However, make sure that you declare the accessories correctly when taking out the policy.
The charging point counts as part of the accessories and you can insure the accessories via the comprehensive insurance for your electric car. The insurance covers damage to the charging point and the charging cable, for example due to theft, fire or natural hazards such as lightning and hail. It is important to declare the accessories correctly when taking out the insurance.
It is possible that the charging point is already covered by your cantonal or private buildings insurance. Be sure to clarify this in advance. If the charging point is already insured, you can declare fewer accessories in your comprehensive car insurance and thus save on the premium.
If your electric vehicle's battery is damaged in an accident, this can easily result in a total loss. Comprehensive insurance covers this. And even in the event of a short circuit, your electric vehicle's battery is well insured via your comprehensive insurance.
On the one hand, the battery can be insured against what are known as partially comprehensive events. These include, for example, damage caused when a marten chews on the electronics or the battery suffers a short circuit due to a defective charging point. On the other hand, the battery can also be insured against collision damage, i.e. damage that occurs during a collision – for example, if you hit a pole while parking or the battery is damaged when you drive over a curb.
If there is a short circuit in the charging point and the battery and electronics are damaged by the excess current, this is covered by your partially comprehensive insurance. That is because this counts as damage by an external influence. If, on the other hand, the battery has an internal defect which causes damage, this is not insured.
This is insured under the "breakdown assistance" add-on. We will tow your electric car away and ensure your home or onward journey.
The manufacturer's warranty will pay for some damage, but not all. With comprehensive insurance, you can close the gaps and also insure damage caused by violent or external influences, for instance.
Lost your charging card? The charging card is insured against loss and disappearance via your household contents theft coverage. It can also be insured via the household contents assistance blocking service. The blocking service applies to registered cards and includes reimbursement of blocking and replacement charges, assistance with obtaining replacements and compensation for card abuse of up to CHF 5,000 per card or CHF 10,000 per event.
No. You can use what is known as a multiple-vehicle licence plate. That way, you pay less in premiums and you can mount the multiple-vehicle licence plate on whichever vehicle you want to drive. Please contact us personally if you are interested in a multiple-vehicle licence plate.
We are available by telephone from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 5 pm.
A Wallbox is a type of charging point for your electric car. The same conditions therefore apply as for question 3.
  1. Enter your details
    To calculate your premium, we need some information about you and the thing you wish to insure.

  2. Select the cover you want
    Choose the precise type of insurance that is right for you, and customise your policy according to your individual needs by selecting the appropriate types of supplementary cover. 

  3. Take out a policy or request a quote
    Take out your policy conveniently online, or arrange for a quote to be sent to you if you still need some time to think.
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