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ELVIA Car insurance

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With our car insurance you drive well and cheaply. Whatever happens, we support you quickly and unbureaucratically, so you can quickly be mobile again.

  • Claims service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • “Own damages" option in the third part liability
  • Damages to the parked vehicle are insurable in the partial casco
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And all this is covered by our car insurance:
The car third part liability insurance is compulsory. It covers damage you cause to others with your car. For example, if you touch your neighbour's garden fence when manoeuvring.
Good to know:
  • Flexible deductible: You decide for yourself how much you want to contribute to the costs in the event of a claim.
  • Modular coverage: Supplement your car liability insurance with our additional coverages and choose exactly the protection you need.
  • “Own damages” insurable: If you wish, our car liability insurance will also cover damages that you cause to your own property with your car. For example, if you hit the wall of your house with the car door when getting out of the car.
ELVIA Car Insurance Liability
ELVIA Car Insurance Comprehensive Insurance

Car damages happen quickly. In these cases our casco insurance comes into play. 

Our partial casco insurance covers damages that neither you nor another driver has caused (e.g. hail, theft or martens bites).

The full casco insurance includes the partial casco and the collision coverage. It also covers damages to your car caused by yourself. For example, if you hit a pole during a parking manoeuvre.

Good to know:
  • Partner garages: If you have your car repaired by our partner garages in the event of a damage, your premium will be lower. You also benefit from our convenient pick-up and delivery service.
  • Supplement on current value: In the event of a total damage, we pay more than the value of your car at the time of the accident.
  • Flexibility: Choose your deductibles and supplement your casco insurance with our additional coverages.
Our car insurance is modular and can be flexibly adapted to your needs. Choose from the following additional modules:
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No. Additional drivers do not have to be specially declared. Our car insurance covers the vehicle listed in the policy. Everyone who possesses a valid driving licence may drive the insured vehicle and is insured accordingly, including new drivers. The important thing is to correctly name the most frequent driver when you take out your policy.
No. You simply need a transferable licence plate that you can use for both vehicles. Please contact us if you would like a transferable licence plate.
No, breakdown assistance costs CHF 47.30 per year and must be concluded separately.
Yes, fully comprehensive insurance automatically includes partially comprehensive cover. The latter can also be insured separately, however.
Partially comprehensive insurance covers losses that you have no control over, such as hail damage, severing of cables by martens or glass breakages. You can find more information on partially and fully comprehensive cover here.

In the event of a claim, we will organise the repairs for you at one of our certified partner companies. This includes:

  • a convenient collection and delivery service
  • a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair work
  • a three-year guarantee on the repairs

For events that are not insured, such as vehicle services or defects that are covered by the guarantee, you can go to any garage you like.

Residents of Switzerland are generally insured against accidents by their employer or their health insurer. The accident insurance component of car insurance is a form of supplementary cover for children, pets and people from other countries. Our accident insurance pays immediately and covers medical costs, including on a private ward.
No, we only insure vehicles that are registered as private cars.
No. But if you have the glass damage repaired by our partner Carglass, the deductible will not be applied.
  1. Enter your details
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  2. Select the cover you want
    Choose the precise type of insurance that is right for you, and customise your policy according to your individual needs by selecting the appropriate types of supplementary cover. 

  3. Take out a policy or request a quote
    Take out your policy conveniently online, or arrange for a quote to be sent to you if you still need some time to think.
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