Electrical appliance insurance – insure your devices correctly with these three tips

You finally get your hands on your new smartphone – and before you know it the phone’s on the floor. The cracked screen is both annoying and expensive to repair. But how are such devices actually insured? And which additional types of cover may make sense for electrical equipment? Our three tips provide clarity.

With most household contents insurance policies, electrical devices such as laptops and washing machines are insured against the usual standard risks, such as damage caused by fire, lightning strike, flooding or leaks from pipes or aquariums. You should therefore take electrical equipment into account when calculating the sum insured for your household contents.

In addition, household contents insurance usually covers your electrical appliances against theft and, with the appropriate additional cover, against theft outside the home – such as if your laptop is stolen at a café or someone makes off with your expensive camera on the tram.

Certain insurers offer additional cover for electrical equipment as part of their household contents insurance, for example comprehensive electrical appliance insurance (“Elektro-Kasko”). This will insure your equipment against damage you cause yourself, such as by dropping the device or spilling a drink on it.

All risks insurance also covers the loss of your electrical devices. To make sure that all your devices are covered up to their value, it is important to choose the right sum insured when taking out the insurance.

Comprehensive electrical appliance insurance covers all your devices – from your mobile to your washing machine. What is more, the policy applies to the whole household, meaning it also covers the devices of the people you live with. Be sure to include these devices when you choose the sum insured.

You can find more information on how to correctly insure your mobile phone in our guide to mobile phone insurance.

  • Normal household contents insurance with supplementary cover for theft outside the home is sufficient to cover your devices against theft.
  • With comprehensive electrical appliance or all risks insurance, you can also insure your electrical devices against damage you cause yourself or even loss.
  • Comprehensive electrical appliance or all risks insurance protects all the devices in a household.
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