Theft – four points to consider when it comes to insurance

On arriving home from holiday, you are shocked to see that the door to your apartment has been broken open. Your flat has been ransacked and all your valuables are missing. You are on a packed tram when some people start to jostle and push you – and when you get off, you realise that your new smartphone has gone.

Theft is always annoying, and depending the situation it can also be expensive. We explain which types of theft are normally insured and which insurance policies come into effect for theft.

Depending on the type of theft, different conditions apply. We explain the differences using three examples.

Simple theft

A thief posing as a cleaning lady pockets your expensive jewellery. Someone makes off with your snowboard while you’re having lunch at a ski resort. Such cases are referred to as simple theft. Your property has been stolen without the use of force or violence – either at home or away from home.


A pair of burglars break into your house at night. When you wake up, one of them threatens you with a knife while the other fills a bag with your valuables. A mugger attacks you on the street and snatches your handbag. If something is stolen from you with the use or threat of violence, this is referred to as robbery.


A crook breaks down the door to your apartment or hotel room and steals your expensive watch or your brand-new suitcase. Theft by forcible entry into buildings, rooms or a safe is called burglary.

Theft is covered by  household insurance/household contents insurance, but with certain restrictions. As a rule, household contents insurance pays for simple theft, burglary and robbery at home. Depending on the insurance company, different sums insured apply. Cash left lying around generally isn’t insured, or is only insured up to a certain amount.

With most insurers, "theft outside the home" cover must be taken out separately as a supplement to your household contents policy. You can choose different sums insured. If you own an expensive bicycle, for example, it is worth agreeing a higher amount. The same applies if you have a particularly valuable bag, for instance – if it gets stolen, the insurance will pay not only for the contents but also for the bag itself.

And regardless of the type of theft, you will generally have to provide proof of the unfortunate event before the insurer will pay. After all, there are of course tricksters out there intent on committing insurance fraud.

Would you like to take out cover against theft of items from your car? This is possible via additional coverage for "property carried in the vehicle", which can be included in the partially comprehensive component of your car insurance. However, if your household contents insurance already provides cover for "theft outside the home", you generally do not need this supplement.

We also have the right insurance for theft abroad, such as in the following cases:

You are on the holiday of a lifetime in Mexico but unfortunately your camera equipment gets stolen. All is not lost if you have taken out additional cover for theft outside the home. We will indemnify you for the loss, ensuring your dream holiday doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

After four hours on the motorway, it’s time to take a break and stretch your legs. You pull in at the next lay-by but when you return to the car park, your vehicle is gone. Fortunately, car theft and damage to your vehicle as a result of burglary are covered by our partially comprehensive car insurance – including abroad.

  • In the event of simple theft, robbery or burglary, your household contents insurance will usually cover most of the loss.
  • "Theft outside the home" generally has to be insured separately. Choose the sum insured that meets your needs.
  • Suitable additional cover is often available for losses that are not included in your household contents insurance.
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