Hearing aid insurance – 4 FAQs

Hearing aids are small marvels of modern medical technology – and they are also expensive. The Federal Disability Insurance (IV) covers part of the purchase costs of devices prescribed by a doctor. But if yours is damaged or lost shortly after you buy it, you usually have to foot the bill yourself. This is where hearing aid insurance helps.

Your hearing aid is only partially covered by your household contents insurance. It counts as part of your household contents and is therefore insured against the usual "household risks", such as fire, water and theft.

However, our experience shows that the most common claims in relation to hearing aids involve self-inflicted damage and loss – for example, if your device is damaged in a fall, if you forget to take it out before going swimming, or if you drop it as you are putting it in.

Classic household contents insurance does not cover these cases.

As a rule, your personal liability insurance will not pay for damage to your hearing aid. It covers damage that you cause to others, such as if you accidentally injure someone or damage another person's property.

With hearing aids this means that your personal liability insurance will only cover damage if it is not your own device – for example, if you have rented the hearing aid or are wearing it on a trial basis.

If you lease your hearing aid or acquire it under a hire-purchase agreement, your personal liability insurance will not normally apply either. You need separate cover for this.

It is important to take out insurance for your hearing aid that covers most types of damage – in other words, including damage that you cause yourself. Ideally, the policy will also cover the costs if you lose or misplace your hearing aid.

With us, you have the option of taking out what is known as single-item insurance. This allows you to insure a single item comprehensively at replacement value.

On request, you can also include loss or misplacement, worldwide. In this way, you can ensure that you will be reimbursed the full value of your hearing aid if the worst comes to the worst.

Our single-item insurance costs around CHF 120 per year, including the additional cover for loss and misplacement or an average hearing aid (e.g. WIDEX unique330-FS for CHF 2,500).

For more expensive models (e.g. Signia Active X Silver Hero/Black for CHF 5,600), your premium will be around CHF 260 per year, including the additional cover for loss and misplacement.

Want to find out the exact figure? Then get in touch with us now.

  • Your household contents and personal liability policies only cover certain types of damage to hearing aids.
  • You can play it safe by taking out special hearing aid cover.
  • With our single-item insurance, you can also insure loss and misplacement at replacement value, worldwide.
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