E-scooter insurance – the 4 most important facts

You must hurry because you're about to miss your train again. Who among us doesn't know this situation? All right, there are e-scooters. These electric scooters are great if you want to get around the city fast. They also have no emissions and protect the environment.

But who is going to pay if they cause damages? Is there any insurance for e-scooters? And what does the insurance pay if the e-scooter is stolen? Let's clarify.

Private liability insurance is important for e-scooters. It pays if, for example, a person is injured or when damages are caused to third parties. If you do not have a private liability insurance for your e-scooter, an accident can cost you a lot as you will have to bear the costs of the damage you have caused.

Most insurance companies cover damages caused by your e-scooter (up to a maximum of 20 km/h) by private liability.  It is therefore essential to take out a private liability insurance if you do not already have one. Also make sure that the insurance company actually covers the damages you cause with your e-scooter.

By the way:
The legal regulations must be observed: Persons under the age of 14 are not allowed to drive an e-scooter. Young people between 14 and 16 years of age need a moped license and from the age of 16 you do not need a license to drive an e-scooter.

What if your e-scooter is stolen at the station or in front of a bar, even though you have locked it? This is where a household insurance helps: It offers you the ideal theft protection for your e-scooter. It is important that you include the "simple theft" coverage and adjust the insured sum to the value of your scooter.
Suppose you pass a green light at a crossroads and crash into a car. The angry driver firmly claims that he also ran a green light. Traffic problems - unfortunately they happen more and more often. You should take out a legal road traffic protection. This insurance will solve the problem for you, so that you can defend your rights in the event of a unjustified claim.

Sharing or renting e-scooters is very popular. But beware: at most insurance companies, rented vehicles are not covered by private liability insurance. The same applies to sharing offers. So make sure you read the general terms and conditions or call your insurance company before driving a rented e-scooter.

With us, however, you don't have to worry: Our private liability insurance also covers damages that you cause with a rented e-scooter or with a vehicle from a sharing service provider.

  • Private liability insurance protects you against financial loss in the event of an accident with your e-scooter
  • The household insurance also protects you against theft of your e-scooter
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