Bicycle insurance – the three most important questions

The bicycle has always been one of the most popular forms of transport in Switzerland. We race our road bikes over mountain passes, ride our mountain bikes over hill and dale and zoom around on our e-bikes.

To keep you safe in your saddle at all times, we have answered the three most important questions on the topic of bicycle insurance for you here.

Property damage and injury that you cause to other people with your bike are generally covered by your personal liability insurance, so you do not need separate liability insurance for your bike.

The situation is different for e-bikes: if you need a yellow licence plate, then your e-bike counts as a moped. In this situation, you will generally have to take out third-party liability insurance for motorbikes. Want to know more about this topic? Read our article about insurance for e-bikes.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of thieves who have their eyes on your bike in Switzerland. To get cover against theft, you do not generally need a separate bicycle insurance policy. Instead, your household contents insurance will be able to help you. It comes into force if your bike is stolen from your home.

And what if someone makes off with your bike at a train station? To ensure that your bicycle is also insured against theft outside the home, simply add the component “theft outside the home” to your household contents insurance.

Another tip: check the sum insured in your household contents insurance. Theft outside the home in particular is usually limited to CHF 1,000 or 2,000. This figure could well be too low if a particularly valuable bike is stolen from you.

Your bike is part of your household contents, which means it is insured against the usual risks such as fire, water damage and theft. If you have an ultra-light road bike or a carbon-frame mountain bike, for instance, you may also want to insure it against other types of damage.

Comprehensive insurance for sports equipment can help you here. This insurance protects your bike against all types of damage – so you won’t be in for any nasty surprises.

  • Personal liability insurance protects you against high follow-up costs if you cause injury or damage to others with your bike.
  • If you have an e-bike with a yellow licence plate, you need separate third-party liability cover for motorbikes.
  • Household contents insurance covers bicycle theft – including outside the home, if you have the supplementary “theft outside the home” component.
  • If you’re worried about damage to your bike, it’s worth taking out comprehensive insurance for sports equipment.
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