Green Card – 7 things you need to know

Anyone travelling abroad by car must comply with the insurance regulations in the country in question. That’s what the Green Card is for. We have summarised everything you need to bear in mind in this guide.

The Green Card is an international insurance document. It proves that your third-party liability insurance for your car provides sufficient coverage in the respective countries. The Green Card is mainly used in the event of a claim abroad and saves you a lot of trouble if the worst comes to the worst.

Incidentally, you should always have the original with you – a digital copy or a photo of the Green Card is not sufficient as proof.

Information on the calculation basis: *Person: Born 1 June 1986, female, resident in 8400 Winterthur, nationality: Switzerland

Car: Fiat 500 Electric mod. 2022 type certificate 01xx664 / 0 damage last 5 years / no leasing / catalogue price CHF 44 490

Coverage modules: Compulsory third-party liability and partial casco.

Start of insurance 01.03.2024, annual payment method, offer date 01.02.2024, price rounded.

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The Green Card contains the most important information about your car and your car insurance: the vehicle’s registration number and brand and the contact details of your insurance company. It also indicates the period of validity and the responsible information centre.

In addition, the countries in which your insurance is valid are shown at the top of the Green Card. If the abbreviation for a country is not listed or is crossed out, your insurance does not apply in that country. This means that you must take out what is known as frontier insurance before entering the country in question.

Many countries in Europe have signed the Multilateral Guarantee Agreement, including all of Switzerland’s neighbours. Under this agreement, your registration number alone serves as proof that you are adequately insured in these countries. However, some European states have not signed the Multilateral Guarantee Agreement – and that is where you need the Green Card.

You can find everything you need to know about the Green Card and an overview of the countries in which it is compulsory on the website of the National Guarantee Fund.

Depending on the country you are travelling to, the Green Card may be compulsory. You will often be asked to show it on entry into the country or in the event of an accident. It also makes claims processing considerably easier in many countries.

We therefore recommend that you take your Green Card with you on all car journeys abroad – even if the country in question has signed the Multilateral Guarantee Agreement.

In principle, the Green Card is issued to your vehicle and not to you personally. However, different rules apply depending on the country: for example, you may not be allowed to enter the country in question with a foreign car. Find out in advance about the applicable regulations.

It is also advisable to have a written authorisation from the owner with you when you travel abroad in another person’s car. That way, you can prove that the car is not stolen if you get checked or have an accident abroad.

Incidentally, the Green Card must always be present in a rental car.

To obtain a Green Card, simply request one from your car insurer. With us, you can do this by e-mail or telephone. The Green Card’s period of validity is always shown on the top left of the card. In general, it is the same as the term of your policy. Before travelling abroad, however, be sure to check that your Green Card will be valid for the entire period of your trip.
If you lose your Green Card, simply order your proof of insurance again from your insurance company. Are you abroad and have forgotten your Green Card? If you have an accident, simply contact our 24-hour emergency call centre on +41 43 311 99 90 – we will help you quickly and with a minimum of fuss.
  • The Green Card is an international proof of insurance.
  • On it, you can see how long and in which countries your car’s third-party liability insurance is valid.
  • The Green Card is not mandatory in some countries, but it saves you a lot of effort and trouble in the event of a claim with your car abroad.
  • You can order the Green Card quickly and easily from your car insurer.
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