FAQ about invoices

Here are the most important questions and answers about your invoice.
The latest date on which you can set a dunning stop is 20 days after the due date of the invoice. This will allow you to delay payment for an additional four weeks, giving you a little more flexibility. The easiest way to request a dunning stop is online at

In addition to the unpaid invoice, the following fees may be charged for reminders:

  1. First reminder: CHF 30
  2. Second reminder: an additional CHF 30

Please note that in the event of non-payment, your car and motorcycle insurance cover will lapse and a fee of CHF 100 will be charged for printing the suspension card.

You may also incur debt collection costs if you do not pay despite receiving reminders. 

Yes, reminder fees must be paid. You can either pay them directly by paying-in slip or the fees will be added to your next premium invoice. 
Yes. Once the licence plate confiscation has been sent out, we will only send a confirmation to the traffic licensing authority once all outstanding amounts have been paid (including reminder and suspension card fees).
Yes. We accept both bank advices and receipts from paying-in slips as proof of payment. E-banking advices must clearly show that the order has definitely been executed and must also include the current date. In the case of paying-in slips, the postmark must be present. Just send us the receipt to and we will issue the certificate of insurance.
In this situation you have two choices: either we will refund your credit to an
of your choice or the overpaid amount will be deducted directly from your next invoice.

is an overview of all payment methods we offer. We recommend paying via eBill. This reduces your ecological footprint and saves you from having to type out invoice details.
Yes. There is an instalment surcharge for semi-annual payment. The surcharge for semi-annual payment, amounts to a maximum of CHF 60.–.
You can adjust the payment method here. Unfortunately this is no longer possible if a reminder has already been issued as the dunning process has already been started.

No. Although the payment will still be made in this situation, the bank will not be able to allocate it correctly without the reference number. It is therefore essential that you make the payment with the paying-in slip you received, indicating the reference number on the payment. Alternatively, you can sign up for eBill and save yourself the trouble of typing out the reference number.

Have you made a payment that we have not received? If so, please write to us at We need a detailed payment receipt showing the reference number used, the recipient's account number, the amount and the date of the payment. Alternatively, you can also ask your bank to look for the payment. 

As soon as the payment has been made in full, we will delete your entry in the debt collection register for a one-off flat fee of CHF 100. Please send us the receipts for the paid invoices to and we will arrange for your entry to be deleted. 
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