Interchangeable number plates in Switzerland – four points you should note

The Swiss interchangeable number plates are practical and very popular. Their advantage is obvious: You only need one license plate for two vehicles. So you save twice, on car insurance and road tax.

We have summarized the four most important points for you.

In Switzerland, interchangeable number plates are available for cars and almost everything else that is motorized: interchangeable numbers are also available for motorcycles, vintage cars or sports cars, tractors or trailers. Depending on the vehicle group, each canton has slightly different rules, but one thing applies throughout Switzerland: If you are the owner of two vehicles of the same category in the same canton, you can apply for an interchangeable number plate.

Watch out: You still need a proof of insurance for both vehicles. And of course, you may only drive the vehicle on which the interchangeable plate is currently attached.

Information on the calculation basis: *Person: Born 1 June 1986, female, resident in 8400 Winterthur, nationality: Switzerland

Car: Fiat 500 Electric mod. 2022 type certificate 01xx664 / 0 damage last 5 years / no leasing / catalogue price CHF 44 490

Coverage modules: Compulsory third-party liability and partial casco.

Start of insurance 01.03.2024, annual payment method, offer date 01.02.2024, price rounded.

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Why spend more than necessary? In Switzerland you can save money with the interchangeable number plates, both in road tax and insurance.

The tax is usually only charged on the more expensive vehicle. And the insurance premium is usually also cheaper with an interchangeable number plate than if you insure both separately. This is because the premium for the interchangeable number plate is made up of a proportion of the premiums for each of the two vehicles.

The attachment of interchangeable number plates is very easy. And the car insurance guidelines for interchangeable number plates are also uncomplicated. The following applies to most insurance companies: If you have taken out casco insurance with an exchangeable number plate, you are covered with casco insurance on private areas, even if the number plate is not mounted. Your second car is thus insured in the best possible way, even if it is stolen on your doorstep or hacked in the garage.

However, as soon as you are on the road or in generally accessible places, it is imperative that you attach your exchangeable license plates on the vehicle. 

You can apply for interchangeable number plates at any road traffic office: Simply present the insurance certificate for both vehicles and the vehicle registration papers, fill out the application for car insurance with the interchange number; that's it.
  • If you own two vehicles of the same category, but do not use both at the same time, you can apply for exchangeable number plates.
  • With interchangeable number plates you save on road tax and insurance premiums.
  • Your casco insurance is also valid without having mounted the number plates on private areas.
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