Third-party driver insurance

ELVIA third-party driver insurance covers losses to borrowed cars or motorbikes up to an amount of CHF 100,000. The following are also insured: 

  • Premium increase/loss of vehicle owner’s no-claims bonus in the event of a claim
  • Deductible in comprehensive insurance, if the loss is covered by an existing comprehensive insurance policy
  • Costs that are incurred as a result of third-party claims and are not covered by the third-party liability insurance for the vehicle

Third-party driver insurance is part of ELVIA third-party liability insurance. Calculate the premium for private third-party liability insurance here:

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How you benefit – why is third-party driver insurance important?

If you are driving a borrowed vehicle and the vehicle is damaged in an accident, you have to rely on the fact that fully comprehensive insurance has been taken out. With older vehicles in particular, that is often not the case. ELVIA third-party driver insurance pays the costs of the vehicle repairs in such cases.

Even if the vehicle owner does have fully comprehensive insurance, ELVIA third-party driver insurance is still useful to have, as it covers the loss of the no-claims bonus and the deductible resulting from an accident.

ELVIA third-party driver insurance does not only protect you in Switzerland. Your costs are covered even for accidents which occur abroad.

Third-party drivers – who counts as a third-party driver?

A third-party driver of a vehicle is someone who drives it only occasionally but not regularly. Occasional use could be once a week over a period of no more than two months or uninterrupted use for no longer than a week, for example.

Someone using the vehicle of a person who lives in the same household does not count as a third-party driver. Furthermore, business travel and damage to rental vehicles are excluded.

Rental vehicles – how are rental vehicles insured?

ELVIA third-party driver insurance does not cover losses to rented vehicles. The lessor offers comprehensive insurance itself for such vehicles.

In the event of liability claims involving rental vehicles outside Switzerland, third-party driver insurance will cover part of the costs under certain circumstances: if the sum insured is less than the minimum sum insured in Switzerland, ELVIA will cover the difference in the event of a claim as part of something known as “Mallorca coverage”. The prerequisite for this is that you agreed the highest possible sum insured with the lessor.

Downloads – the terms and conditions of insurance in detail

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