Travel checklist. What you should pack.

Holidays are for rest and recovery. So you don't already get stressed at the packing stage, we have compiled a practical travel checklist for you to download. Don't leave anything at home except your worries. 
And in our guide, you can read about which types of insurance are essential for every trip.

Who pays if you are unable to go on a planned trip? How are you insured if your vehicle breaks down in another country? And is your household contents insurance also valid abroad?

We have compiled the most important information for you. 

Whether you're going on a solo trip through South America or an all-inclusive package holiday on the Mediterranean – finding the right vacation can be an adventure in itself. And because unexpected things can happen on any adventure, it's important to protect yourself properly. With our travel insurance, for example.
We have your back with the following services: 

  • Cancellation cover: Unable to set off on your trip, for example because of an accident or illness? Then we will cover the cancellation costs.By the way, this also applies if you have to cancel your trip because relatives or close friends have had an accident or fallen ill.
  • Return trip in the event of illness or accident: If you fall ill or have an accident during your holiday, we will take care of the arrangements for your return journey and cover the costs. We will also pay your costs for the unused portion of the trip on a pro-rata basis.
  • Luggage protection: For a small extra charge, you can insure your luggage and the items you are carrying with you against damage and destruction. If you drop your camera during the trip, for example, we will cover the loss.
  • Legal assistance: We cover lawyers' fees and court costs incurred in connection with travel – such as in the event of disputes with a vehicle rental company or an airline.For even more legal support, there's our legal protection insurance
  • Breakdown assistance: Going on holiday in your own vehicle? If you cannot continue your journey due to a breakdown, an accident or because your vehicle has been stolen, we will assist you quickly. Not only do we cover the cost of your overnight stay while your vehicle is being repaired; we will also help you to organise spare parts abroad.Want to know more about our breakdown and other assistance services? Our guide provides all the answers.
  • Deductible for rental vehicles: If you rent a vehicle, motor home or motorcycle, we will pay the deductible for the comprehensive insurance of up to CHF 3,000 in the event of a claim. For a worry-free trip, please also see our guide to rental car insurance.

    Our travel insurance protects you when you are travelling throughout Europe or, on request, worldwide. And it does so from just CHF 174.90 a year.

You are making your way through a crowded metro station – and before you know it, your smartphone is gone. Hopefully you have included "simple theft outside the home" in your household contents insurance. It is especially important to have this add-on if you travel or are out and about a lot. Choose your individual sum insured to ensure that all your belongings are covered – for example, if you are out and about with your expensive camera equipment. 

Good to know: don't forget to check your sum insured – especially if you carry valuable items with you.

Want to know more about the topic of theft and insurance? We have put together the ideal guide for you.

Whether you're in Italy, Croatia or France: in principle, your car insurance is also valid in other European countries. However, you should always carry your Green Card with you on such trips.

This functions as proof of insurance abroad, providing evidence that you have valid third-party liability cover. It also shows you which countries the insurance cover applies in and where you need to take out a separate policy.

Find out more in our guide to the Green Card.

Taken out travel or household contents insurance with ELVIA? Then you automatically benefit from our card blocking service (in german).

Just give us a call and we will block all your cards and identity documents registered with us. For example, if your wallet has been stolen or your suitcase has gone missing on a journey. 

  • Travel insurance protects you in the event of illness or accident, for example.
  • Before you travel, make sure that your household contents insurance covers theft outside the home.
  • Check the sums insured on your insurance policies.
  • Order your Green Card from your car insurance company if you are travelling by car.
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Want to know the exact details? All our documents are available here for you to download, save and read at your leisure.
A loss can happen in the blink of an eye. Thanks to our 24/7 claims service, you can report it quickly, too.
What is personal liability insurance? What does it cover and how much does it cost? Our guide provides clarity.

Car insurance

With our car insurance, you get peace of mind at an affordable price. Whatever happens, we will help you quickly so that you are back on the road in no time.
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