Motorcycle insurance

With ELVIA motorcycle insurance, you get peace of mind at an affordable price. And if something does happen, we will help you straight away with no bureaucracy, ensuring that you are back on two wheels in no time.

  • Round-the-clock Claims Service
  • Additional discount for all over 25s possible
  • Freely selectable no-claims bonus protection
  • Motorcycle clothing can be insured


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Made-to-measure insurance

Motorcycle third-party liability
Compulsory basic cover

Motorcycle third-party liability is the basic cover required by law. If your motorbike causes damage or injury to others, we will pay the costs.

Our options

  • Flexible deductible: decide for yourself how much of the costs you would like to pay in the event of a claim
  • No-claims bonus protection: your premium will remain the same after the first claim – on all premium levels
  • Additional options: adapt your cover to suit your individual needs


Overview of benefits

Comprehensive insurance
All-round protection for your motorbike

Losing control in a bend or failing to see a car as you are turning into another road:

Damage to your own motorbike can happen quickly. These are the kind of cases in which ELVIA comprehensive insurance comes into effect.

Partially comprehensive cover pays for damage that occurs to your motorbike without your involvement, such as snow slides, theft or vandalism.

Fully comprehensive insurance covers damage to your motorbike caused by a collision. Fully comprehensive insurance also includes partially comprehensive cover.

Our options

  • No-claims bonus protection: your premium will remain the same for up to one claim per year – on all premium levels
  • Additional discount: additional discount for all over 25s possible.

  • Motorcycle clothing: we will replace your motorcycle clothing at a replacement value of up to CHF 4,000 – if you want this service

  • Current value addition: we pay 20% more than the current value of your motorbike for total losses from the first year of operation

  • Flexibility: adapt your motorcycle insurance to your individual needs

Overview of benefits

Additional options
Accident, assistance, no-claims bonus protection

Rider and passenger accident insurance

Protect yourself and your pillion rider against the financial consequences of injuries incurred through an accident on your motorbike. How you benefit: we pay immediately, even if the question of culpability has not yet been clarified.

  • You can draw benefits immediately, regardless of who was at fault for the accident
  • Take your time – we pay medical costs for up to five years
  • Choose your sum insured
  • Extend the coverage scope in accordance with your needs


We assist you quickly and without any red tape in an emergency – be it a breakdown, an accident or theft. Our assistance service is available around the clock and throughout Europe (excl. Azerbaijan, Belarus, Israel, Iran, Marocco, Moldova, Russia, Tunisia and Ukraine).

  • We recover your motorbike and organise the return transport, including from abroad
  • We pay for your overnight stay and your return journey
  • We deliver replacement parts you require

No-claims bonus protection

Penalty-free claims: your premium will remain unchanged after up to one claim per year – on every premium level.

International cover

Ride abroad just like you do in your home country: if the other party is at fault for an accident, we will meet the cost of your loss.

Gross negligence

It’s easy to make mistakes. If you choose the gross negligence option, we won’t reduce your insurance benefits, even if you breached the rules during an accident.

Overview of benefits