Conditions of participation: 
Recommending ELVIA

  1. All natural persons with legal capacity who are resident in Switzerland and aged 18 or over are eligible to take part. Employees of Allianz Suisse Insurance Company Ltd and its subsidiaries and persons who have already concluded a separate brokerage agreement with Allianz Suisse are excluded from participation.
  2. New customers are defined as all persons who do not have an insurance relationship with Allianz Suisse and/or ELVIA at the time of the recommendation and persons who had an insurance relationship with Allianz Suisse and/or ELVIA that ended more than two years ago. Persons who benefit from special conditions due to a membership with a cooperation partner of Allianz Suisse and/or ELVIA do not count as new customers.
  3. Self-recommendation is not permitted.
  4. Friend referrals notified retrospectively for insurance policies that have already been concluded cannot be considered for this special offer.
  5. ELVIA reserves the right to terminate the “Customers recruit customers” special offer at any time. Recommendations received prior to this point in time will of course be rewarded at the conditions specified.
  6. For every successful recommendation, the recommended person (the new customer) and the referrer (the existing customer) will each receive Reka-Checks worth CHF 100.
  7. As soon as the new insurance policy has been processed internally, the Reka-Checks will be sent to the recommended person and the referrer by post.
  8. Any decision is final.