the online insurance of the
Allianz Suisse Insurance Company AG
Richtiplatz 1
8304 Wallisellen
Mail address: Postfach, 8010 Zürich


Information from the tied insurance intermediary of AWP P&C S.A., Saint-Ouen (Paris), Wallisellen branch (Switzerland) pursuant to Art. 45 of the Insurance Supervision Act (ISA)

The intermediary mentioned above offers you the «Secure Cyber» and «Travel Insurance» products of AWP P&C S.A., Saint-Ouen (Paris), Wallisellen branch (Switzerland), Hertistrasse 2, 8304 Wallisellen (hereinafter referred to as «AWP»).

The intermediary listed above is linked to the AWP by an intermediary agreement. The intermediary acts ex-clusively as a tied intermediary.

Claims due to negligence, errors or incorrect information in connection with the intermediary's activities may be made to the above-mentioned insurance company (AWP) within the framework of the statutory provisions.